Making The Most Of Your Home Wall.

I love having a home climbing wall. If I'm having rough day, I can climb. If wet, miserable conditions mean I can't go to the crag, I can climb. If a global pandemic shuts down the entire country, I can climb.

But its not all roses, some days even though it's there, it can be hard to motivate myself into doing beneficial training, let alone just pulling on and having a laugh. As I see it, there are 8 things that can get you the most out of your

home wall.

The first is where the wall is. If it's in a dark corner of the garden, a

dusty shed or a cold, wet basement, it's not going to be a place you want to

spend your free time, no matter how rad your board is. Make it an area you want to spend time in and can use whatever the weather. Quite often I find myself just chilling in mine listening to music and drinking endless cups of coffee, while successfully putting off the list of things I have to do that day. Make it somewhere you want to spend time.

The second is having bolt on holds. Don't scrimp on T-nuts. I've seen lots of home walls without a nut in sight. If you've chosen to go for a spray wall (a populated wall that you can select routes from), after a few months you may need reset the board, to keep things fresh and interesting. This can be a daunting task on its own, even without the worry of gradually degrading the ply with screw holes. But with bolts and t-nuts, stripping, resetting and adjusting hold becomes much easier. If you

have decided against the spray wall route and want to set specific lines, then bolt-on holds are the way forward. The addition of £30 worth of t-nuts will extend the life of your wall by years and save hu