25mm Half Dome Crimps

Our 25mm Half Dome Crimps are duel texture and all about the crimp. Due to their low profile taper, you are unable to use your thumb at all. They come with a 15° in-cut.


These holds are suitable for all types of walls, such as slab, vert, and overhang. However, they become more challenging on overhangs greater than 20°.


Due to our holds being made to order, please allow up to 10 working days for dispatch.
Due to the size and shape of these holds, we only offer Screw-on as their fixture.

25mm Half Dome Crimps


    • Pack of two.
    • Screws not supplied. For this product we recommend: 60mm long, 5mm diameter fully threaded woodscrews.
    • Screw fixing only.
    • All our holds are made from Iroko hardwood.
    • Woodgrain may vary.
    • Dimensions (mm): 50  x 140 x 25 (H x W x D).
    • Sizes are approximate.
    • Made for interior/covered use.