Technical Information

In this text, Trueholds aims to give evidence of our understanding and determination to provide and prove knowledge of our commitment to the ASC, EN 12572 safety requirements.


Fixture of Holds




All holds should be fitted to a minimum of 18mm ply. We recommend using the material of Birch ply or greater. When fitting holds to your wall, apply them to a flat surface. If the surface is uneven, it may lead to the holds spinning or even possibly breaking.

We do not supply screws in our packages. Please see the product description for our recommendations.

When fixing our holds to either a home wall, gym or concrete wall, please ensure that you are able to use all available screw placements. When fixing holds or moving them, make sure that you create new holes in the ply. This is to guarantee that you have the most resistance when pulling on the holds.  We also recommend using sufficient torque when attaching your holds. This is to prevent your holds from rotation. It is not necessary to use an impact driver when using screw ons.


Bolt on


For our holds, please use either a Cap Head or Button Head Bolt with the washers that are provided. If using other types of bolt, for example, Martini Head bolts, you risk the chance of cracking the hold. Similar to what we have referenced for screw-on holds, Trueholds states that you should fix your holds onto a flat surface to avoid the rotation of holds. To further prevent the hold from spinning, Trueholds suggests that you should use an M10 bolt and all available screw placements to ensure safe application. When using bolts as your fixture, you should allow an excess of 10mm or more to protrude from the back of your wall. Due to the use of a T nut when using bolts as a fixture, we suggest the use of an impact driver for a tighter finish.


Torque Settings


Here we will outline three settings for the sizes of hold (This is stated only as guidance): 

Small holds, no greater than 150 x 150mm²: 30 – 35Nm
Medium holds, no greater than 300 x 300mm²: 35 – 40Nm

Large holds, greater than 300 x 300mm²: 40 – 45Nm


Be aware that the condition of the bolt and the T-nut can alter the stability and durability through improper applied torque. This can cause a change in the friction through the alteration by means of corrosion and cross-threading. Please make sure that you use the washers provided.


Please note that with our wooden products we state that they are for inside or covered use. If used outside, please be aware that due to the changing levels in; temperature, pressure and humidity, it will cause a variable in water retention. In the case that there is dramatic change in the variables mentioned, expansion and contraction can lead to a reduction in durability, leading to the possibility of cracks and breaks. If you begin to see deterioration in our holds, or cracks appearing, stop using the holds immediately.

If you, the climber, injure yourself due to the lack of care when fixing our products to a wall, using unsafe or damaged holds caused over time, Trueholds takes no responsibility for any damage caused to either you, or those around you that may get injured in the process.


In the event that one of our holds becomes unusable, please get in touch.

Your safety is of the utmost importance to us at Trueholds. If you have any queries about how to fix our holds, or holds you have bought elsewhere, please contact us using the email provided:


Tried & Tested

All of our hold designs are tried and tested on a 40-degree board.